Installation and setup

SODA is implemented in TypeScript, which means it can be used in both TypeScript and JavaScript.

SODA as a TypeScript library

To get the full benefit of TypeScript when using SODA, you’ll probably want to use it in an npm project.

If you have never used npm before, you’ll first need to install Node. Depending on your operating system, there may be several ways to do that. Regardless of which platform you are on, you should be able to install it from the Node homepage

Alternatively, you could install node with a package manager:


brew install node

Apt (Ubuntu, Debian):

sudo apt install nodejs

After installing node, you can initialize a directory as an npm project:

mkdir my-project/
cd my-project/
npm init

Once you have an npm project, brand new or otherwise, you can install SODA:

npm install @sodaviz/soda

If you want to, you can instead download the SODA source code from the GitHub repository and compile it with the TypeScript compiler, tsc.

SODA as a JavaScript library

If you’d rather just use SODA as a JavaScript library, the easiest way is probably to grab the bundle from skypack.

You could also download the source code from the GitHub repository, compile it, and bundle it yourself with something like webpack.